Behavioural Finance Working Group (BFWG)

Behavioural finance is a topic that has gained considerable attention in recent years. It studies human behaviour in financial markets. As such, it is a truly interdisciplinary field at the cross section of finance, psychology, economics and sociology.

About BFWG

The Behavioural Finance Working Group (BFWG) exists to perform world-leading research in behavioural finance. It brings together practitioners with internationally respected academics in finance, psychology, sociology and economics through discussion groups, workshops and conferences. We also provide specialist consultancy on financial decision-making processes to the financial services industry and regulatory agencies. We have sponsors from industry, we organise conferences with practitioner talks and dedicated PhD sessions as well as regular sessions where academic papers are presented. This makes us an ideal hub for research students in Behavioural Finance.

The group aims to:

  • Facilitate interdisciplinary work by integrating finance, psychology, sociology and economics
  • Promote the field of behavioural finance
  • Facilitate interaction between academia and industry to ensure that we have a better understanding of the world around us
  • Develop models that can be successfully implemented.

The Behavioural Finance Working Group (BFWG) is led by Professor Gulnur Muradoglu, School of Business and Management, Queen Mary, University of London, and Professor Arman Eshraghi, Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University. Visit the People page for more information.

History of the BFWG

With the 2008 financial crisis it became clear more than ever that we need research that will help establish a better functioning global financial system. Practitioners worldwide needed better models based on actual human behaviour to improve performance and stability. Regulators worldwide needed to use human behaviour itself rather than unrealistic assumptions to regulate markets. Corporate managers, institutional and individual investors needed a better understanding of how the financial system actually works rather than relying on (false) assumptions. Academics could help both sets of parties by providing a better understanding of human behaviour in finance and BFWG was established to work in that direction. Read the full history of the BFWG


The BFWG Conference

BFWG holds a two-day annual conference examining a wide range of behavioural finance topics, ranging between financial decision making, biases, experimental finance, corporate finance, fund management, asset pricing, forecasting, volatility, market sentiment and sociology of finance. The conference has been held since 2008. View a list of previous BFWG conferences.

Join the BFWG

If you would like more information on the group or would like to join the BFWG please send your CV by email along with the following information: 

  • Affiliation
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Upon receipt of your email your request will be evaluated and you will be contacted by a member of staff.